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Norbert Eder Blog oder hier


DotNet Blog Book


AVR - Architecture

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Übersicht und Seite


MetaBoard 168


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UsbTiny Simple Programmer with ATTiny45/85

LUFA powered MK2 (LUFA)

Bootloader HID documented and here and Projects

USBasp mit Win7/64Bit:

"Man installiert die LibUSB-win32 filter (, dann Usbasp rein (wird kein Treiber installiert)
dann "Inf Wizard" von LibUSB-win32 starten, USBasp anwählen dann weiter dann irgendwo die "USBasp.inf"
ablegen bwz. speichern und dann kommt jetzt am ende eine Fenster wo man dann auf "Install now"
anklicken kann, Treiber wird installilert dann kommt die berühmte Fenster dass der Treiber nicht
Signiert ist (trotztdem installieren) und fertig, hab's gerade getestet es funktioniert!"

LibUSB Dev - Win32

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ARM Projects

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Tutorial & Fuses


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Prism Checklist

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Composite Application Guidance

patterns & practices: Prism


Getting Started

Additional Links

  • Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide is under development. Download it here .
  • The ManifestManagerUtility for ClickOnce deployment can be found here.
  • Project Linker on Visual Studio Gallery here.
  • MVVM Training here.
  • The patterns & practices roadmap can be found here.

.NET Memory Leak

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CODE – inside blog

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Asyncchronous Programming

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Parallel Programming with .NET

Building an async wcf-web-service

WP7 – Databound Chart Control

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  • Tutorial on Silverlight 4 databinding in code-behind, custom user controls, etc.
  • Creating a WP7 app: Supporting dark and light themes
  • A WP7 databound graph control
  • Adding buttons to databound listbox items in WPF
  • Writing a WP7 website scraper application
  • Using delegates, func and lambdas: a tutorial with soldiers
  • Creating a WP7 app: Listbox items of the same width
  • "World of C#-craft": an achievement-based classroom?
  • Creating an Intellisense compatible enum-based Dependency Property
  • 7 WP7 dev tools you might not know but will want to have
  • Website Scraper

  • .NET Arduino Controls

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    Firmata Controls Arduino

    SQLSERVER Management Studio

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    C# das VAR Schlüsselwort

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    Wie funktioniert’s?

    Datentyp Dynamic und dynamische Sprachen

    Don’t hate at 8

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    Metro Design

  • UX guidelines for Metro style apps, Microsoft
  • User Experience Design Guidelines for Windows Phone, Microsoft
  • What is metro design & what are its principles, Elevatelocal

  • Silverlight Show

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    MVVM for WP7

    Design Principles on WP7

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