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Web UI

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NancyFx Getting started : add a Web UI to a Windows service. (Tutorial, Screencast)

OAuth/OpenID Support for WebForms, MVC and WebPages

Intel Galileo

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Getting started


UI Automation with Powershell

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UIAutomation with Powershell

System Partition

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System Reserved Partition

On Windows 7, the size is 100 MB whereas on Windows 8, it is 350 MB. Do you really need this space? I would recommend that you not delete this partition. You can instead prevent it being created during Windows installation. If you are sure that you will not be using BitLocker, then you may go ahead.

To do this, TechNet recomends you use the Diskpart utility from the setup program.

At the beginning of the Windows setup, just before you select the location where you want to install Windows, press Shift+F10 to open a Command Prompt. Type diskpart to enter the Diskpart environment. Use select disk 0 and create partition primary to manually create a new partition. Continue with the Windows installation using this new partition as the setup location.

CMD-Line Overview

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Windows 8 Crash with BSOD

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how-to fix because automatic repair fails. Troubleshoot boot crash Issues

You can manually boot into Safe Mode by pressing the SHIFT key while clicking Restart and subsequently click Restart under Sartup Settings, found under Troubleshoot and Advanced options.






Assuming your system drive is C, type the following command to find the package names of the offending updates:

dism /image:C:\ /get-packages

Search the results for the update that needs to be removed and note down the package name. Then use the following command:

dism /image:C:\ /remove-package/PackageName:Package_for_insert_exact_package_name_here

Example: dism /image:C:\ /remove-package/PackageName:Package_for_KB2976897~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~

After removing the update, try to reboot and fingers crossed all will be well.

The issues you’re experiencing may go deeper than a Windows Update bug. Please consult guide on troubleshooting Windows 8 crashes. Windows 8 boot issues can be easy to resolve, but an infinite reboot loop may require a system recovery. If you’re able to boot into Windows 8 Advanced Startup Options, you can try to repair, restore, refresh, or reset your PC.


… Microsoft may not be godlike programmers (;-((


I am really tire of Reading Linux diehard scream, shout and bang their head against Microsoft OS, office software or whatever Microsoft do….

If they are happy with their OS I can live with it, but stop using this or those fórums to convince us the Linux operating system is the computing panacea, if you want to use Linux go for it but to think that is the SOLUTION for all people in the world is a gross misconception.



Stichwort:  “Wiederherstellungslaufwerk erstellen” unter Win8 in Suchen-Dialog.


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is cool!

Database Change Notification


RealTimeUI and BrowserAlerts

WebSockets in Win8

Real Time Web Apps

Real World Sample

RASPI screen resolution

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Arduino Electronics

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Arduino Electronics

Webcam with OpenWRT


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Half documented Oracle views

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Article and Notes

CANed Pi

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DAL– Data Access Layer

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here and more

10 reasons why coding in is better than C#

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iBox Nano 3D Resin Printer.

Bootable USB-Stick

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list disk

select disk <nr>

detail disk

Verbatim USB Device
Datenträger-ID: "0F0628C1"
Typ   : "USB"
Status : "Online"
Pfad   : "0"
Ziel : "0"
LUN-ID : "0"
Speicherortpfad : "UNAVAILABLE"
Aktueller schreibgeschützter Zustand: Nein
Schreibgeschützt  : Nein
Startdatenträger  : Nein
Auslagerungsdatei-Datenträger  : Nein
Ruhezustandsdatei-Datenträger  : Nein
Absturzabbild-Datenträger  : Nein
Clusterdatenträger : Nein

  Volume ###  Bst  Bezeichnung  DS     Typ         Größe    Status     Info
  ----------  ---  -----------  -----  ----------  -------  ---------  --------
  Volume 7     E   USB-4GB      FAT32  Wechselmed  3749 MB  Fehlerfre


create partition primary

format fs=fat32 label=<Name>


   Der Laufwerkbuchstabe oder der Bereitstellungspunkt wurde zugewiesen.

Disconnected Client Architecture

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JavaSript Toast

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here and here

Essential Admin Skills for .NET Developers

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